Beard Oil VS Beard Balm

In recent times, many bearded men have been left confused about whether beard oil and beard balm are the same or if one is better than the other. There will be no picking of sides in this article but we would rather give explicit details on what needs to be known about each one from what each one means, the ingredients and how they are both used.

What Beard Balm is all about
Beard balm is a form of leave-in beard conditioner and also a shaping aid that is used for styling the beard. It is important to note that a good balm should serve as a moisturizer for facial hair, make the beard have a thicker look as well as providing hold for styling the beard in desired ways.

Some beard balms are made up of sealants which are like petroleum jelly which may in one way or the other cause skin irritation or cause damages to the beard, thus any beard balm with this ingredient should be avoided except it contains natural sealants like beeswax, shea butter among others.
For those people with a kind of thin or patchy beard, it is advisable that they consider beard balms that have shea butter because shea butter is good at making the beard look thicker. Natural moisturizers like argan oil and jojoba are major components which should be present in a good beard balm as they will help prevent the sealants from causing any kind of damage to the beard. This is what makes all natural beard balm the most considerable and preferred option for any kind of beards.

What Beard Oil is all about
Beard oil is a moisturizer as well as a conditioner which is easy to use to reduce itching, creates conditions for the maintenance of a healthy beard growth, soften the beard and also moisturizes the skin underneath the beard. It is a mixture of both essential and carrier oils although carrier oils are often of higher concentration than the essential oils to avoid skin irritation which most of the ingredients of essential oils can cause.

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Beard oils can also be used as cologne and deodorizer for beard in addition to being excellent moisturizers. All natural beard oils are also the most advisable and considerable moisturizer for beards.
When comparing both beard oils and beard balms, knowing what each one is all about is not all there is to it. It is most important to have a deep insight into how each one is being used, the application as a well as the quantity.

Using Beard Balm
Beard balms are moisturizers and a kind of leave in conditioner that makes styling of beards easier as well as making the beard look thicker. Using beard balm is not difficult however it is important that you first wash your beard, then apply the beard balm when the beard is completely dry so as to have best results. Simply put a little amount of balm in your palm and rub together then run your fingers between your beards from the neck up till the whole beard is covered as well as the skin underneath the beard. This is to ensure that the skin underneath the beard, as well as the beard, is well nourished with the all-natural beard balm. Boar brush can also be used for the application of the beard balm including the mustache as well just by brushing through the beards making sure it reaches the skin underneath as well. Any kind of beard balm that contains all natural ingredients can be left in till you wash your beard but anyone containing petroleum jelly should, however, be rinsed out nightly to prevent any kind of damages.

Using Beard Oil
Beard oil is not only a leave-in conditioner but also a beard moisturizer that helps in moisturizing the beard as well as the skin from which the beard grows, it softens the beard and also ensures healthy beard growth. This is more helpful for new users who have just started growing out their beards as it helps in preventing itching which is a common problem for most people who are new to beards. Beard oils are often easier to use than beard balm for people whose beard are naturally thick.
It is also very possible to combine the use of both beard balm and beard oil. The method of using or applying beard oil to the beard is very similar to that of beard balm. Although, the quantity of beard oil to be applied or used depends solely on the length of the beard, the longer the length of the beard the more quantities beard oil required. Simply put a few drops of beard oil on your palm after taking the length of your beards into consideration, gently rub both palms and apply gently onto the beard without leaving the skin underneath untouched. 

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